Where can I get a HUD RESPA sample good faith estimate?


A HUD/RESPA sample good faith estimate can be found online. It will contain the items your real estate transaction may include. Not all items on the HUD/RESPA sample good faith estimate will necessarily be used in your transaction.

You may receive additional information on the items on the HUD RESPA GFE with the HUD Special Information Booklet distributed by your lender.

Some of the fees on the HUD good faith estimate will vary by lender, others will remain the same throughout the state.

If a lender is providing you with the HUD/RESPA good faith estimate, identification of the lender, property and loan amount should be provided on or accompanying the GFE. If the good faith estimate is provided by a broker, it has to be made clear that no lender has been contacted yet if the broker is not an exclusive representative of a lender.

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