How can I get “Buying your home: settlement costs and helpful information” booklet?


HUD's booklet "Buying your home: settlement costs and other helpful information" can be obtained via the HUD website. The HUD booklet will contain lots of useful information on:

  • How to find loan financing through a real estate broker;
  • Agreement of Sale terms;
  • How to shop for a loan;
  • How to select a settlement agent;
  • RESPA required disclosures;
  • Settlement costs and how to calculate and negotiate them, etc.

The Federal Reserve Board also provides the following home purchase, settlement costs and other relevant information, based on Consumer's Guide to Mortgage Settlement Costs brochure:

  • Estimated settlement costs;
  • Title charges - ownership establishment fees;
  • Taxes and all-in-1 packaged settlement and closing costs, etc.

Specific home loan information can also be obtained from:

  • U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD);
  • Department of Veterans Affairs (VA);
  • Department of Agriculture (Rural Development/Rural Housing Services);
  • Federal Reserve Board.
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