Is it possible to reduce mortgage settlement fee?


Most often, consumers approach title, escrow and mortgage insurance companies referred to by the lender, which sometimes inevitably raises the mortgage settlement fee and service charges.

Shop for Mortgage Settlement Fees and Costs

Borrowers are advised to shop separately for some mortgage closing costs, as prices can differ significantly. Especially in states where title and escrow companies are not state regulated and determine their own company fees, it is very likely that shopping for home loan settlement fees will significantly cut your settlement charges.

The Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act of 1974 (RESPA) has a provision forbidding referral fees, paid to lenders and brokers from title, escrow and insurance companies for directing consumers to use their services. However, though, many lenders and brokers have found a way to go around RESPA regulations and still earn fees for referring consumers to selected third-party title, escrow and insurance providers.

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