Who are NAIFA – the national association of independent fee appraisers?


NAIFA, or the National Association of Independent Fee Appraisers, is the union of real estate appraisers and are committed to bringing a quality and integrity real estate appraising service to the public. They are located in Chicago and offer a variety of courses for appraisers with different level of experience. The National Association of Independent Fee Appraisers offers special NAIFA designations for distinguished appraisers along with general membership. The four designations are as follows - IFA, IFAS, IFAA and IFAC increasing in difficulty and reputability. They are earned through demonstrating increasing practice experience, continuing education process and passing required examinations.

Want to become a NAIFA member?

NAIFA designations are characterized with increasing complexity of the courses to pass, as well as the practical expertise level required. A common requisite is also the obligation to abide by the internal NAIFA code of Ethics. If you are interested in obtaining a designation, or want to locate a NAIFA member for a quality service, you may like to run a directory search.

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