How much do mortgage points cost?


The mortgage points cost is determined by the loan amount and the number of points the borrower is buying. On a $200,000 loan 1.5 points is equal to $3000 paid in cash by the borrower.

High mortgage points cost go with lower rate; higher rates go with low, zero or negative mortgage points. If points are negative, the lender owes rebates to the borrower.

Mortgage Points Cost Can Be Rolled into the Loan

Yes, mortgage points can be included in the loan but the borrower's advantage of paying points is reduced. Especially if the borrower is in a high tax bracket and the loan LTV, including mortgage points, requires higher mortgage insurance premiums.

Is mortgage points cost different by lender?

While it is the "rule of thumb" that paying 1 point reduces the rate of a standard fixed rate 30-year mortgage by 0.125% to 0.250% there will be lenders who will charge 1 point for 0.250% rate decrease and others will charge almost 2 points for the same.

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