How to reduce loan interest cost?


To reduce loan interest cost, or the interest you will be paying throughout the lifetime of the loan, make sure you make additional payments to the principal. Try switching to a true biweekly payment plan. On a $100,000 loan balance it is easy to save $30,000 in interest cost and reduce the life of the loan with several years.

A true biweekly payment plan will apply your payment when sent to the lender, and not when the second biweekly payment arrives. Thus, your loan will amortize effectively much faster. If you enroll in a biweekly program to cut interest cost, make sure your lender applies your biweekly payments once they are received to make the most of the program.

Buying down interest points can also reduce your loan interest cost with thousands. However, this method is not as effective as a biweekly program enrollment.

Another way to reduce mortgage interest cost is through refinancing. If you refinance every time it is worth it, you may save thousands in interest. However, make sure you are not stripping your equity with unnecessary refinances.

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