What are the major interest only mortgage tax deduction and other benefits?


The interest only mortgage tax deduction benefits are great as you are not spending money on mortgage principal and at the end of the tax year you are likely to get back all the interest you already spent on your first or second home loan.

Other Advantages of Interest-Only Mortgages beside Tax Deductible Interest

Interest only mortgage loans, together with negative amortization mortgages (say, Option ARMs) are best to use by more sophisticated, investment-savvy homeowners. Yes, they could be used by the average homeowner but there are risks that most average income borrowers are not willing to take while investors are readily making use of interest-only mortgages as financial instruments rather than spending a lifetime hoping to own a home.

Actually, interest-only mortgages and the respective interest tax deduction benefits are in fact the preferred type of mortgages for homeowners who already own their primary residence, and are buying a rental property, or maximizing their cash flow investing some place else, or waiting for the property to appreciate and sell.

Currently, Neg Am ARM loans and Interest-Only mortgages are designed for a wider audience.

House prices have been driven up too much in many areas and an interest only mortgage has become just one more accessible homeownership plan. With some more financial planning, and utilizing some of those affordable housing initiatives home buying borrowers without special investment plans are able to utilize interest only mortgage loans advantages to achieve a homeownership dream. Of course, some lenders have fine tuned those products to underwrite borrowers properly and under more strict guidelines to offset the rise of failing subprime ARM loans.

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