How to locate wholesale commercial mortgage lenders?


You will have to do a research. Investors currently may have a hard time finding wholesale commercial mortgage lenders. The best way to go is the internet. There are dedicated commercial lender networks that can help you locate a commercial loan provider with the best rates and terms for your commercial building or project.

Some newest commercial lender and broker networks may charge you a fee for access to their participating loan providers. However, before you get stuck with expensive membership, try some free lender networks and this should really get you somewhere.

Wholesale Mortgage Lenders Specialize in Different Niches

It makes a difference what type of a wholesale mortgage lender you need. If you need a mobile home wholesale mortgage lender, you are not going to a raw land wholesale lender. To find a wholesale commercial mortgage lender that fits your loan needs, you should narrow your search to be more specific. Or, talk to a commercial mortgage broker - they could be in a better position to locate the most suitable loan for you.

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