Is 100% commission loan officer a true online job opportunity?


It could be but rather it wouldn't. If sticking to the "too good to be true" rule of thumb, the 100% commission loan officer online job opportunity should be a work from home scam.

While it is difficult to be 100% sure, the 100% commission loan officer position does not seem trustworthy. You should be aware that if anybody charges you a fee to join their 100% commission loan officer program, and insists that you get your money from those you manage to recruit yourself, it most surely is a scam. You'd better not get hooked with anything that has low requirements (as computer and internet connection at home).

While a 100% commission loan officer online job can be a viable opportunity for a mortgage professional, if there are no start up fees, and if considerable experience is required you'd better stay away from ads requiring that you only prepay your participation in the program and will qualify with only basic typing skills. In general, you'd better stay away from work from home opportunities, as many of those turn to be a scam.

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