What is the minimum mortgage loan officer training required?


Mortgage loan officer training and education requirements vary by state and lending institution. Even though high school degree is acceptable for entry level clerical loan officer position, to advance in the career you will need several years of experience in the industry and / or a college degree in finance, business or related field. Also, many lending entities will require that their employees attend mortgage loan officer training on continuous basis to make sure they keep up with industry changes.

As the amount and complexity of mortgage products increase, mortgage loan officer training and license requirements are getting more rigorous as to counterbalance increasing leeway for predatory lending and mortgage fraud practices, initiated by borrowers and loan officers alike.

Beside traditional mortgage loan officer training, loan officers are expected to show great communication and sales skills, high level computer skills and a lot of independence and enthusiasm. Even though mortgage loan officers show higher compensation levels than many other jobs, most of the mortgage loan officer jobs will require that officers generate their own mortgage leads and commission, rather than be enrolled on firm salary with the lender. 

Mortgage loan officers with some college training, and/or banking or sales experience are said to be offered the best job opportunities in this industry.

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