How does the mortgage crisis affect mortgage lenders and rates of home loans?


The mortgage crisis currently going on in the U.S. is reaching hysterical dimensions. Mortgage lenders and rates are undeniably affected - rates are going down unlike foreclosure rates going up. As for lenders, major lender bankruptcy rates are worrying, as well as the public requests for loan completion. Also, lenders are cutting jobs in the hundreds.

Not to mention individual borrowers who are expected to file for bankruptcy in 2008 - 1 million for the first 5 months of the year.

How are mortgage lenders and rates influenced in the mortgage crisis?

Freddie Mac has recently alleviated LTV requirements on their programs.

Three states have proposed moratoriums on foreclosures. In New York subprime foreclosures are assigned one year's time before foreclosure is attempted. Also, lenders are still tightening the loan guidelines.

As for rates, mortgage rates are still historically low. And HUD has changed certain guidelines to qualify borrowers with nontraditional credit and the cash out levels fell to the lowest levels in four years.

Mortgage rates hit their lowest since 1955. Ask the home loan experts we recommend Quicken Loans how to take advantage of them.
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