If I pass the mortgage broker license test in Florida, can I start originating loans in Florida?


Not really. Passing the mortgage broker license test and getting certified in Florida doesn't mean you could simply start originating loans.

To start originating loans on real estate in Florida after passing the mortgage broker license test and obtaining individual mortgage broker license you need to

  • join a Florida mortgage brokerage,
  • or, found a Florida Mortgage Brokerage Business.

How do I obtain a Mortgage Brokerage Business License?

After you attended the 24-hour obligatory course, passed the mortgage broker license test and obtained the Individual Mortgage Broker License, getting a Mortgage Brokerage Business license is a matter of paying for bigger Surety Bond. The 24-hour course will provide all the information about how to practice as a Mortgage Broker in Florida.

Do I have to go to Florida for the Florida mortgage broker license exam?

Yes, the state of Florida demands that the applicant passes the mortgage broker license test in Florida, even tough they could attend the required course somewhere else.

The cost of the prep course is $400, the mortgage broker license test application costs $230. Once your license is obtained, it is valid for up to two years until August 31 on the nex odd-numbered year.

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