What mortgage broker license application forms are needed in Washington State?


Mortgage broker license application forms in the state of Washington are usually of two types - for mortgage broker applicants or for licensed mortgage brokers.

General Application Forms for Mortgage Broker Applicants in Washington

  • Bond Calculation Worksheet
  • Surety Bond with W-2
  • Surety Bond with 1099
  • Mortgage Broker License Application
  • Mortgage Broker Branch License Application
  • Trust Alternative Certificate of Compliance
  • Trust Account Authorization to Examine

General Application Forms for Certified Mortgage Brokers

  • 2007 Mortgage Broker Annual Report
  • Bond Calculation Worksheet
  • Change of Designated Broker
  • Model Disclosure Form
  • Change of Designated Broker
  • Trust Account Authorization to Examine
  • Mortgage Broker License Amendment
  • Company-Wide Closure/Surrender
  • Branch Office Closure/Surrender
  • Company-Wide Closure/Surrender
  • Loan Originator License/Relationship Form
  • Trust Alternative Certificate of Compliance
  • Mortgage Broker Branch License Amendment

However, application forms will vary among states. Although these forms can be obtained online, do not attempt to use them. Mortgage broker license application forms will be different outside Washington State.

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