What do mobile home loan lenders offer to manufactured home owners?


To get best mortgage on a manufactured home, you are advised to shop specialized mobile home loan lenders, or use advice from your mobile home builder.

Lenders specializing in manufactured (mobile) home loans will offer the same array of mortgage products as the ones for standard site-built homes. That is, mobile home purchase and mobile home refinance is commonly available for homes built in 1970, or later.

Newer mobile homes enjoy more financing options.

  • You can usually have a cash-out refinance and debt consolidation on double-wide mobile homes since 1980 or newer.
  • Single-wide manufactured homes need to be built in 1990, or later for cash-out and debt consolidation mortgage options.

The year of mobile home production and installation to secure mortgage funds may vary by state. However, the common trend is that lenders financing manufactured homes offer better rates to newer construction and home equity loans may be available on limited basis, depending on the age of your home.

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