How big is loan officer compensation?


Median loan officer compensation varies between $30,000 and $50,000 depending on state, experience and whether you are self-employed or signed with a company, or both.

Loan officers usually analyze financial data for companies and individuals to determine the level of risk. They assess and/or authorize extending loans to individuals and institutions.

Loan officer compensation can vary greatly. An entry level loan officer starting with a bank can receive as little as $30,000 while an experienced self-employed loan officer can easily make over $60,000. Real professionals can make a six-figure income and some could do more. Loan officer compensation virtually does not have limits; it all depends on your desire to be successful and work hard within ethical standards.

As a loan officer, you could later acquire higher certification as a broker or a loan correspondent, when you gain experience, confidence, practice and stable high net worth and there are no limits as to how far you could go in the loan officer profession and compensation.

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