How to get a list of mortgage lenders – UMLs?


You might be looking for a list of upfront mortgage lenders (UMLs). Amerisave, Aim Loan, and the National Mortgage Alliance are on the list of mortgage lenders, abiding by the some lender/borrower code of ethics. UML mortgage lenders provide access to great loans and offer fair treatment to borrowers once they commit to a lender.

You can't really get a list of UMLs. However, there are certain characteristics that distinguish UMLs from the rest loan providers.

There are hundreds of mortgage loan types. Upfront Mortgage Brokers and Lenders (UMBs and UMLs) agree to inform the consumer about wholesale rates and their commission source. In that way, consumers can have an idea if lenders are passing whole rates to them and will be able to make informed mortgage decisions.

A common characteristic of upfront mortgage lenders is that they do not require personal data to price your loan, nor they give out generic prices without consideration of your personal credit and circumstances.

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