How to find super jumbo mortgage lenders?


You will need to locate jumbo and super jumbo mortgage lenders if you are looking to finance residential or investment property exceeding the current 2008 jumbo loan amount limit of $729,750.

Most jumbo and super jumbo home mortgage lenders are easiest to locate online.

Large lenders usually have translated their business on the web. If you run online search for online Super Jumbo lenders in your state, you are likely to find many within minutes.

Due to increased risk of internet mortgage fraud, you are advised to check licensing and testimonials for the lender before you engage in official business with them.

Mortgage licensing will vary by state - a super jumbo lender in your state may be licensed as Residential Mortgage Originator, or Mortgage Banker or Broker.

Sometimes, you might be able to obtain better financing terms on a Jumbo and Super Jumbo mortgage if you split your loan into a first and second mortgage, or use an interest-only or adjustable rate option for a jumbo.

Before taking a super jumbo loan, you are advised to talk extensively with your loan consultant about getting your first or second luxury home, or investment property.

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