How to find California leading mortgage lenders?


It will be a tough job. Leading mortgage lenders in California is difficult to locate since a search in a mortgage lender directory returned hundreds of entries. If the premium listing is the sign for a leading position in the mortgage lending world then Bank of America and RMI Lending must be the top lenders holding the top gold listing positions.

Prequalification with California Leading Mortgage Lenders

However, if you are using a quality search service for top mortgage lenders, the lenders listed should provide extensive information and prequalification and personal information, such as SSN, should not be required.

The variety of lenders in California is so great that you can have tough time selecting someone. You might have to use referrals from friends and relatives, or a mortgage broker or loan specialist that you can trust. Making a right choice is important and given the number of lenders, you may have to spend a lot of time shopping for the best lender, and still there will be too many to choose from out there.

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