Is it possible to refinance mortgage with poor credit?


Well, yes, it is.

However, to refinance mortgage with poor credit means that you will be looking for a sub prime mortgage loan and there is no point refinancing out of a bad mortgage just to get into another poor credit mortgage. However, if you simply need to refinance with cash-out and have poor credit, yes, there are lenders who will do that. They will be really happy to give you a high rate loan, especially in the case you've built significant equity.

If your credit is really poor, try improving it first before you refinance.

A mortgage refinance with poor credit is possible but highly unlikely to get you any closer to a better rate. The only reason you should ever consider refinancing mortgage with poor credit is as an interim financing possibility while waiting funds from other sources to kick in.

Try debt settlement to refinance mortgage with poor credit. Debt settlement will help you refinance your mortgage combining other (possibly reduced) debts towards the mortgage payment. Actually, enrolling into a debt relief program may be your best shot to refinance mortgage with poor credit.

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