Should I try house mortgage refinance and what are the fees?


House mortgage refinance is worth it when you are trading a high rate loan for a lower rate loan and the break even does not take place in the distant future. You will be using a calculator to assess how much you will save with a house mortgage refinance, and will find out that closing costs are quite an obstacle and not always refinancing will make sense.

Types of House Mortgage Refinance Costs

Typical costs that a home mortgage refinance will involve are the one time loan origination and application fee, discount points, appraisal, credit report, etc. Others will include different type of insurance packages. The borrower should be able to choose whether to roll those in the loan or pay them with cash.

Try to get different quotes before you decide to go with a lender for a house mortgage refinance. You could be able to negotiate reduction of certain fees, or at least be able to select the best offer.

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