Can you give some home refinance tips?


There are some useful home refinance tips that could help a borrower through a refinance.

Basic Home Refinance Tips

If you have little equity, as little as 5 or 10%, you may still be able to qualify for a home refinance.

With a home refinance, you have three business days after closing to think it over and turn down the deal. Your fees will be reimbursed.

Get a free lock for the home refinance that will last until the loan is finalized.

Know why you are refinancing. Whether you are refinancing to consolidate debt, lower mortgage payment switch from an ARM to a fixed rate loan, rehab your house, or pay for tuition, you should know why exactly you are refinancing to save yourself the trouble. Refinance options are everywhere - online, on TV, in the newspaper. Before you get to refinance, make sure you know why you are doing it - this is the most important part of the home refinance.

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