How to find low interest rate home equity loans?


You will have to play around looking for low interest rate home equity loans. Many of the advertised loans in fact do offer a nice teaser rate for very limited time. After several months, or if you are a day late with your payment, you may find the interest rate skyrocketed.

Finding Low Interest Rate Home equity Loans

Home equity loans rates are often tied to your loan to value ratio. That is, if you borrow less, your rates may go down.

Getting a fixed rate HELOC will be cheaper. These are difficult to find, but you will have nice interest rates on those loans.

Also, checking a small local bank may prove very beneficial. While large lenders and banking institutions do spend a lot in expensive advertising of fancy products, local banks simply have better rates. Best low interest rates on home equity loans may not necessarily be offered from the biggest lenders.

Your own bank may very well give you the lowest interest rate for a HEL or a HELOC since they have your accounts with them. And, you could try talking to them to waive certain costs and fees.

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