How to avoid redundant HELOC fees?


When getting a HELOC (home equity line of credit), people tend to overlook some details that may cost you a lot more than you originally thought. As with any mortgage quote, you should compare different specific HELOC fees on the current quotes you have.

How to avoid getting superficial HELOC fees?

Always look for a HELOC with minimal or no withdraw amount. Why should you draw more cash than you need? The same goes with the inactivity fee. Why should you be using your HELOC if you do not need it? The same goes for HELOCs with required balance to keep. If a HELOC terms include high draw amount, inactivity fee, and restrict you to a specified balance amount, certainly you should try some place else.

As HELOCs adjust most often compared to other equity loans, try negotiating periodic and lifetime caps that seem reasonable to you. You are taking a HELOC to make your life easier, and you don't want to worry how increasing rates will affect your HELOC all the time, even though interest is accrued only on the money you actually spent.

HELOC account maintenance yearly fee, the HELOC lender fee as well as HELOC cancellation fee are fees you can avoid with a newer HELOC offer. Surely, there is a lender that will offer you a HELOC without those fees, so why take a HELOC that has them?

A HELOC with great teaser rate and longer introductory period is great to have. If you can get those and your HELOC adjusts normally, has a good APR close to the prime rate after the initial period, you should definitely go for it. Yet, do not make your decision based solely on the teaser rate.

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