Are home equity loans tax deductible?


Many borrowers would like to know if home equity loans are tax deductible when choosing between first mortgage refinance with cash out, or second mortgage, or home equity financing. The answer is yes, but not always 100%.

If you count on tax deductibility when shopping for a home equity loan, consult a tax advisor. Even if a large percentage of people are eligible for full tax deduction, you should avoid signing a home equity loan to start charging your credit cards. Even if paying for a car with a home equity loan or line of credit could make sense, give it a thought before you do it and use some professional advice to avoid pitfalls, and maximize benefits.

What can I use home equity loans for to be eligible for tax deduction?

Anything. Amounts of up to $100,000 are fully tax deductible no matter what you spend the money on. You could in fact manage credit card debt successfully by getting home equity loan and write off interest at the end of the fiscal year; or you could use it to buy a car and pay college tuition for your kids. Bear in mind that a home equity loan exceeding $100,000 is only tax deductible for the first $100,000, if it is not a home rehab loan.

  • Over equity loans are tax deductible up to 100% of the house value. Any additional amount does not have tax benefits.
  • Home equity loans used for home improvement are tax deductible to $500,000 or $1,000,000, if you are married.
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