Why get FHA home inspection?


FHA home inspection is required to avoid buying a home that needs a lot of funds for repair purposes with an FHA loan. If there are any areas you would like to have inspected, specify them to a qualified home inspector.

Things to Know about an FHA Home Inspection

You should ask what the FHA home inspection will include and ask for specific areas you need to have examined. A home inspector should be able to provide credentials, referral and professional history. No matter whether FHA home inspection is asked on a residential or commercial property, make sure the inspector has sufficient experience.

Home inspection shouldn't take more than several hours. If you are charged by the hour, ask how much time the inspection will take. It shouldn't be more than 2-3 hours.

FHA home inspection costs are not regulated by HUD. Thus, costs will depend on the location and size of the property, and the availability of home inspectors in the area. If the property you are interested in has certain specifics, such as historic or architectural value, it might be worth asking whether the inspector has experience dealing with sites like that.

When home inspection is completed, most home inspectors will provide a report within 24 hours.

Just to clarify things - FHA does not perform home inspections. It is the borrowers' responsibility to order and pay for home inspection and make sure they are buying a home that is in good condition.

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