What is HUD (department of Housing and Urban Development)?


HUD (Department of Housing and Urban Development) has existed since 1965. It is responsible to ensure proper housing and city development. It helps low and average income people, people with disabilities, the elderly, certain minority groups to achieve homeownership. Although HUD does not fund loans, it supports and approves lenders.

The HUD (department of Housing and Urban Development) offers crucial counseling services to homeowners. Educated home buying helps reduce foreclosure rates. HUD also provides many grant programs, and supports a network of organizations providing counseling on reverse mortgages, ARMs, foreclosure, credit issues, defaults, etc.

Basically, anything related to homeownership and affordable housing applies to HUD (Department of Housing and Urban Development):

  • Housing discrimination
  • Incentive programs for different social sectors
  • Elderly housing
  • Housing planning
  • Home safety, etc.
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