How VA home loan lenders can help with VA mortgages?


VA home loan lenders are usually capable of determining the eligibility of the borrower - most veterans have sufficient data in the Automated Certificate of Eligibility system and issuing the certificate through the VA mortgage lender will be quick.

However, if there is not enough data about the veteran, they will have to mail different forms and evidence of service papers to a VA loan center. Details about obtaining VA Certificate of Eligibility can be found in other QnAs on MortgageQnA, or directly on the official VA website.

In fact, there are more than 30 million Americans qualifying for VA mortgage loan benefits, and hardly a part of them ever make use of the opportunity.

If you already have a VA loan, you could go to a VA lender to see if you can streamline refinance to a lower rate. If you already have a mortgage, but you recently found you qualify for VA mortgage benefits, a VA lender will walk you through a refinance. Most supervised lenders - banks, credit unions, private lenders - do VA loans. Your own bank is a good starting point. If they are not a VA lender, try locating VA mortgage loan lenders online in your area.

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