What kinds of rebuilding activities are allowed with the FHA 203k home rehab program?


The FHA 203k home rehab program is usually used:

  • to convert a single-unit dwelling into an up to four-unit family dwelling,
  • to convert a multiple family unit into a one-to-four family unit, or
  • as a typical home improvement project with eligible repairs cost of minimum $5000.

In order for the property to be eligible for the FHA home rehab program, it needs to have been completed for at least a year and after the improvements it has to reach the normal market value for the area. Within certain guidelines, it is possible that the FHA home rehab program applies to existing property moved to a new location, as well.

Some of the eligible repairs associated with the FHA home rehab program:

  • structural or pertaining to architectural alterations (such as adding a bath, chimney repair, improving the plumbing, heating and electrical systems) or involving implementation of energy conservation projects;
  • others will pertain to aesthetic remodeling or innovation of furniture and/or built-in appliances;
  • some of the repairs can involve improving accessibility for the disabled, such as building exterior ramps, or lowering the floors.
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