How much do I pay for VA home loan closing costs?


VA home loan closing costs are regulated by the VA (Department of Veteran Affairs). All VA mortgage loan closing costs are set locally by the local VA office.

Required VA Mortgage Closing Costs

  • Appraisal and compliance
  • Credit report
  • Hazard insurance (including flood insurance, if required)
  • Flood zone determination
  • Survey
  • VA funding fee (unless exempt)
  • Recording fees
  • Title examination and insurance
  • Escrow funds

Some additional fees authorized by VA may be charged locally. Also, when refinancing Express Mail charges may have to be paid by the veteran.

If you are eligible of a VA loan, it is strongly recommended that you use the services of a real estate professional to advise you through the home buying process. Many costs may be negotiated with and paid by the seller.

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