Who is eligible for HUD subsidized apartments?


HUD subsidized apartments are provided as a "decent safe home for every American". HUD provides the rental subsidy to owners of subsidized apartments.

The HUD subsidized apartments are one bedroom and usually wheel chair accessible. However, two or more bedroom apartments can be povided for families and people who require live-in caregivers.

HUD subsidized apartments complexes vary in size. From a couple of apartments to 200 apartments in a complex with emergency response system, activity rooms, garden, and a library.

HUD subsidized apartment units are meant for the elderly, disabled, low income families, or persons. The different types of HUD subsidized apartments have different eligibility requirements.

  • Senior citizens apartments are available to seniors over 62 years of age.
  • Nearly elderly apartments are available to adults over 50 years of age.
  • Mobility impaired people with hindered sight and hearing may be a lot younger to qualify for a HUD subsidized apartment.
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