Is there HUD senior housing assistance available?


Yes, there is. Generally, HUD senior housing assistance is provided through Section 8 Housing Choice Vouchers Program. However, on the HUD website there are a lot of links to different senior housing assistance programs.

Also, beside Section 8, HUD provides low income, senior and disabled individuals with housing assistance through HUD insured and subsidized units in multifamily properties. HUD senior housing assistance is also provided through low rent apartments and the HUD Public Housing Program.

Beside the provided HUD senior housing assistance, HUD advise you to arrange a meeting with a HUD-approved housing counselor to discuss your particular situation.

Specific HUD senior housing information is provided upon discussing your particular needs - be it a reverse mortgage, in-home help, locating a HUD unit for the elderly, the right nursing home or assisted living care facility. Also, HUD senior assistance includes finding a job for senior citizens, information about mortgage scams and how to cope with housing discrimination.

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