What is HUD’s policy regarding potential impacts of HUD rules and regulations on small businesses?


In compliance with the Regulatory Flexibility Act, which aims to bring the social goals of federal rules and regulations and the capabilities of small businesses to equilibrium, it is HUD's policy to take account of the potential impact on small entities (this includes not only small businesses but also organizations and small governmental jurisdictions) when developing its rules.

This goal is accomplished by regular analysis and thorough reviews of all draft HUD rules and regulations, so that the potential economic impact is properly assessed and taken into account. The Regulatory Flexibility Officer is the official responsible to overseeing the rulemaking process so that HUD is adhering to this policy. Any regulatory actions that might affect a substantial number of small entities should be reported to the Regulatory Flexibility Officer.

Additionally, when HUD rules and regulations are developed various outreach efforts are undertaken to ensure that the views of small entities are considered and properly addressed.

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