What HUD multifamily housing programs exist?


HUD multifamily housing is managed by the HUD's Office of Multifamily Housing Programs. The following HUD multifamily housing programs are only some of the programs available to eligible participants:

  • Assisted-living Conversion Program (ALCP) - this is a grant program providing funds to owners of eligible developments to convert part of the dwelling units to certified Assisted Living Facility (ALF) for people with disabilities and frail elderly.
  • Section 207 Program - this HUD multifamily housing program provides insurance to mortgage financing for construction and rehabilitation of certain rental housing and is the primary insurance vehicle for the Section 223(f) program. Section 207 Program applies to funding used for multifamily manufactured home parks.
  • Section 220 HUD multifamily housing program provides insurance for mortgage funds allocated for revitalization of urban and concentrated development areas.

Single room occupancy in multifamily housing units, construction or rehabilitation of multifamily projects to sell as individual condo units upon completion, rental housing for the elderly, nursing homes and assisted care facilities are among other HUD targeted multifamily housing projects.

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