How to buy a HUD house for sale?


HUD houses for sale are available to potential homebuyers. HUD - and other federal agencies as the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), etc. - have single and multifamily properties to offer the general public.

How to buy a HUD house for sale?

If you want to buy a HUD house for sale, contact a real estate agent who is authorized to work with HUD. They will submit your bid. Owner occupants are first in the list; if the property does not attract occupant buyers, it will be offered to investors.

To locate a HUD home for sale, browse HUD homes for your area on specialized Internet listing sites - those sites are accessible through the HUD official webpage.

Evacuees will be sold HUD homes at a discount. HUD houses for sale are also available at a discount to teachers, firefighters and other specific groups through the Good Neighbor program.

A HUD house for sale doesn't necessarily have to be bought with FHA financing. Almost any type of home loan financing can be used to obtain a house sold by HUD.

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