How can I get FHA foreclosure assistance?


You are going to need FHA foreclosure assistance if you are even one payment behind and have difficulties catching up. You can get FHA foreclosure assistance from a HUD-approved Housing Counseling Agency. Locate one via the Internet, or call HUD toll-free.

Tips on Avoiding FHA Foreclosure and Getting Assistance

Do not wait until the problem deteriorates. As soon as you default on your payment, and know you will have trouble catching up, talk to your lender. Lenders are often able to assist borrowers successfully and help them avoid FHA foreclosure.

The mail you receive from your lender when you just got late, includes helpful information about preventing foreclosure. Later, it will include information about crucial legal action taken by the lender and you, failing to read your mail, may lose your home without even being able to defend.

You will need FHA foreclosure assistance from a HUD-approved counselor. Also, you may need to familiarize yourself with the time frame provided by the law in the case of foreclosure. The FHA foreclosure assistance provided by HUD counselors includes explaining the law and your options, plus advise you on how to eliminate unnecessary expenses - such as entertainment spendings and credit cards debt. HUD counselors may even represent you in negotiations with your lender.

The FHA foreclosure assistance you can get from a HUD approved counselor will be low or free of cost, so don't bother looking for costlier foreclosure preventing specialists before you exhaust your options with HUD counseling.

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