How to apply for HUD housing?


Go to the HUD webpage and see how to apply for HUD housing through each one of the HUD housing programs.

  • Privately owned housing, sponsored by HUD
  • Public HUD housing
  • HUD Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher

For public and Section 8 HUD housing applications are accepted by the local Public Housing Agency. Private housing with HUD-subsidized units will accept applications at the building management office.

HUD Housing Tenants Have the Same Rights

If you are successful with your HUD housing application, be aware that you have the same rights as a regular tenant:

  • Repairs to be made by the landlord;
  • Proper use of the security deposit;
  • Safety devices to be provided by the landlord;
  • Privacy rights, etc.

How to apply for HUD housing advice is available on (800) 569-4287, or you could contact a local housing counseling agency through the HUD website.

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