How to apply for a VA loan?


What do you need to apply for a VA loan? Basically, a Certificate of Eligibility. Other than that the process is similar to any mortgage application.

Basic Steps in Applying for a VA Mortgage Loan

Get a Certificate of Eligibility through the VA lender. If there are not sufficient records in the database, you will have to file a VA Form 26-1880, Request for a Certificate of Eligibility for VA Home Loan Benefits, and evidence of service at a VA Eligibility Center.

Sign a purchase agreement for the house of your choice with the presumption that you have to be approved for a VA loan first; then ask for VA appraisal. This can be done over phone. Then, you could apply to a VA lender. If they are authorized, they could use automatic processing in which case you will be approved without VA review of credit application.

Once approved, the transaction won't take longer than any other home purchase transaction. Veterans who already bought a house through a VA loan may be eligible to a restored entitlement.

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