How to apply for a HUD home?


Getting a HUD home is not as difficult. How to apply for a HUD home if you need a home quickly? The answer is through a HUD participating real estate agent.

How to apply for a HUD home?

Through the HUD webpage, locate a HUD property in your state and area. The only one who can submit an online bid for you is a HUD-approved broker or real estate agent. They can be located through the specialized listings services you used to locate a HUD property.

When applying for a HUD home, expect to pay:

  • Earnest money
  • Down payments
  • Closing costs

The earnest money deposit when buying a HUD home may be as low as $500. The down payment will vary, depending on whether the HUD property is eligible for FHA financing. If it is, the down payment will be 0 to 5%. If it is not, expect the usual 5 to 20% required for down payment.

If your bid was accepted, you will be notified by your real estate broker in 48 hours. You will have up to 60 days to close the deal on the HUD home.

If you are an investor, your bid comes second in consideration - only after no owner-occupant candidate won the bid.

Most Popular Rumor About HUD Homes

"HUD homes are available for $100 down" - true or false? Generally, yes. HUD homes follow the same funding procedure as obtaining any other property. But as of October 2007 HUD homes owner-occupant applications require only $100 down and FHA financing. HUD will discontinue the program when the inventory levels reach a point to terminate the program. Real Estate sales agents can get a $500 bonus for selling a HUD home through this program.

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