What are the home mortgage rates Fannie Mae (FNMA) reports?


Home mortgage rates Fannie Mae reports are a national average for mortgage rates across the country. Fannie Mae mortgage products will also have different rates varying by state and lender.

For details, terms and mortgage rates on Fannie Mae and other mortgage products, you will have to try an internet search and perhaps subscribe to a mortgage rate publisher. Also, most lenders have their interest and points combinations displayed on their websites. Have in mind that your personal credit and circumstances may or may not qualify you for quoted home mortgage rates by Fannie Mae or other lenders.

Some Average Home Mortgage Interest Rates - May, 2008
Mortgage Type Interest Points
15 Year FRM 5.83% 0.28
30 Year FRM 6.39% 0.33
3/1 Hybrid ARM 6.19% 0.33
5/1 Hybrid ARM 6.15% 0.32
10/1 Hybrid ARM 7.24% 0.59
1 Year ARM 5.26% 0.18
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