Who are the FreddieMac Foundation and what they do?


The "freddiemac foundation", or rather the Freddie Mac Foundation, is the philanthropic part of Freddie Mac - a major secondary mortgage market player.

The FreddieMac Foundation was established in 1991 and since then they have developed three more specific areas of concern to focus huge amounts of money. These areas of concern are:

  • Emergency shelter and transitional housing. This is a program to help families in crisis meet their immediate needs.
  • Foster care and adoption - this is an area of concern the FreddieMac Foundation and they dedicate millions to supporting organizations whose goals are to prevent child abuse, find homes to foster children and assist orphan youth reach their potential.
  • Academic and career success - the FreddieMac Foundation also helps low income students go through college.

Freddie Mac and the FreddieMac Foundation have invested more than $320 M since they were established. They are considered the largest corporative giver in Washington DC.

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