How to find VA mortgage lenders?


If you are an eligible veteran or active duty officer, you might be looking for VA mortgage lenders to do a VA loan for you. How do you find one?

Basically, every state has a directory listing of all Mortgage Brokers and Lenders, including those specializing in VA home loans.

Also, all supervised lenders (federal, national, state and private banks; credit unions and insurance companies) supposedly have the right to process VA guaranteed loans.

There are also unsupervised lenders who might have been granted authority by VA to close VA home loans. So, chances are your bank does VA loans and may be the best place to try first when looking for a VA loan.

Also, the web is a great place to find everything one is looking for. For example, a comprehensive lenders directory site is very likely to list VA home loan lenders, or the closest VA loan center in your area.

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