Where can I find FHA mortgage underwriting jobs?


If you have obtained an FHA mortgage underwriting certificate somewhen in the past and you are now willing to use it to start a new career, or advance into your company, you might be looking for FHA mortgage underwriting jobs. Where could you get a list of those?

The best way is probably contacting your school who issued your FHA underwriting certificate. More often than not, they would have up-to-date lists with FHA approved lenders looking for new employees. Of course, you may like to run a search for FHA mortgage underwriting positions on your own - classifieds on the internet is the most likely place you could get a listing of local FHA underwriters' positions offered in your area.

Many positions would require some experience with the industry, but even if you are a novice, your positive attitude and proper FHA mortgage underwriting certification may be enough for your employer to give you a chance.

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