What are the most popular FHA grant programs?


There are several FHA grant programs, alleviating the process of homeownership to low and average income households. FHA grants may include assistance of as little as $10,000 and go to 5% of the house value.

Popular FHA Grant Programs

Not every FHA grant program is offered throughout the US. The Nehemiah and Housing Action Resource Trust (HART) programs are available exclusively for California. The Nehemiah program allows for a grant of 5% of the sales price to be applied towards the price of the house and the closing costs of an FHA loan. Under the HART program $15,000 will be contributed to the sales price of a property.

The AmeriDream and PartnersInCharity are programs accessible to US citizens all over the US - they will grant 5% of the sales price towards an FHA loan to be applied as down payment and closing costs.

Those FHA grant opportunities are available to all who meet the qualifications requirements. There may be restrictions on the homes that can be bought, or on the way the grant will be applied towards the mortgage. You can check online what the specific requirements for each FHA grant opportunity are, and see if you qualify.

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