Who is eligible for the FHA HUD MIP refund program?


You can find online whether you are eligible for the FHA/HUD MIP refund program. You will need your FHA case number. You could also email or call HUD toll-free to see if you are eligible for any refund.

There are certain requirements that makes you eligible for FHA/HUD MIP (mortgage insurance premium) refund. Generally, if you signed your mortgage some time between 1983 and 2004, paid insurance upfront and have not been delinquent on payments, you could be entitled to partial FHA MIP refund.

Certain FHA to FHA refinances, claims and assumptions may not be eligible for any FHA/HUD mortgage insurance refund.

Bear in mind, you can check on your own whether you are eligible under the FHA/HUD MIP refund program and even if it is not illegal, there might be parties offering assistance for a fee for a service you may not actually need.

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