What is an Option ARM mortgage?


Are you still asking what is an Option ARM mortgage? Hardly. You can't have missed them. They are the highly tempting mortgage loans offering a rate as low as 1% for as long as ...the first month.

Know What An Option ARM Mortgage Is Before You Take One

Even though there are borrowers who are well informed of what Option ARMs are, most borrowers often sign up for the 1% Option ARM without actually noticing that the 1% teaser rate holds for the first one to three months. Most often than not, though, lenders will specify on their websites how long the starting rate holds for. Even if some borrowers are having hard time understanding and using an Option ARM mortgage in the best way, they should simply attend mortgage counseling, or talk at great length with a UMB - upfront mortgage broker.

An Option ARM Mortgage Features

The Option ARM loan offers payment flexibility. The loan can amortize fully according to 15 to 40 years amortizing schedule; or, the borrower can choose to pay only monthly accrued interest for limited time - usually, no longer than 10 years; or, for several months to several years minimum payment at 1 to 3% interest rate is allowed, after which recalculation of the mortgage balance will occur.

Remember, the minimum payment option may trigger recalculation of loan balance on different occasions, such as 5 or 10% of loan balance increase in result of negative amortization, or after a preset period of 3 to 10 years. Sometimes, the loan balance limit is reached before the first reset date and your payments will adjust to include fully amortizing principal and interest. You'll be in for a payment shock if you didn't take this into account.

However, an Option ARM mortgage loan does allow people to qualify for more loan, more house and frees cash. It can also be used for a refinance if your finances are currently tight, but you expect your income to get well and steady soon.

Fancy Names To Recognize the Option ARM Mortgage

Power Option ARM, Cash Flow ARM, Pick-a-payment ARM, 1-month Option ARM are some of the easiest names to spot an Option ARM.

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