I need the one month LIBOR rates - where do I get them?


The One Month LIBOR rates, as well as 3 Month, 6 Month, 1 Year and other LIBOR indexes, are available online.

The LIBOR indexes are some of the most common indexes used for adjustable rate mortgages interest adjustment. LIBOR stands for London InterBank Offered rate and is the rate London banks use to loan money to each other. The 1-Month LIBOR index is a popular ARM index.

In general, monthly and yearly LIBOR rates, together with the prime rate, Federal Funds rate, the 11th District of Funds (COFI) and the Treasury securities are among the benchmark indexes for different financial operations.

LIBOR and COFI rates are most popular for adjustable rate mortgages indexing. Prime and fed funds rates are used as a basis for credit cards and home equity lines of credit (HELOCs) rates. The Treasury securities rates (CMT, MTA, T-Bill) show the levels for risk-free investments. The Treasury securities are fully backed up by the U.S. Treasury.

Most of those indexes can be obtained online for free. However, there are so many economic indexes that if you are looking for multiple index rate daily feeds and history you might have to browse government and financial analyst sites and perhaps purchase it.

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