Should I be afraid to take a negative amortization home loan?


There is certain consumer hysteria regarding negative amortization home loans. However, once you understand how neg am mortgage loans work there is nothing to be scared about.

Taking out a Negative Amortization Home Loan: Not So Scary

First-time homeowners who never had the chance to educate themselves about finance management or home ownership may find the subject intimidating. Especially when there is a lot of negative discussion going on about negative amortization home loans.

In simple words, a home loan with negative amortization terms makes it possible for the borrower to have very low and affordable monthly mortgage payments for limited time. It may be a great option for borrowers who are going to pay diligently their mortgage and will be prepared for the payment increase.

You are advised to attend homeownership counseling, or talk to a trusted loan officer. Once you have the particular loan details explained to you, they seem reasonable and within your budget, and mortgage terms (rate, possible prepayment penalties, monthly payment increase cap, loan lifetime and adjustment cap) seem consistent it is very likely that nothing would go wrong with your mortgage.

However, though, don't ever go for a loan with ultra low advertised rate before exploring the fine print with your real estate agent or attorney, if you are not versed in homeownership matters.

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