How to get major financial and mortgage ARM index rate and histories?


You can get daily financial and ARM index rate reports and histories by subscribing to an online Daily Index Service. There are major and less known indexes that lenders follow in their day-to-day loan servicing, document preparation and price formulation.

Stock reports and client-customized lists are also offered beside major financial and ARM indexes. Online daily reports usually can include a number of indicators that vary by order.

Most Popular Mortgage and ARM Index Rates

  • Treasury Constant Maturities
  • National Cost of Funds
  • 11th District Cost of Funds
  • Freddie Mac & Fannie Mae RNYs
  • National mortgage rates
  • Daily & monthly LIBORs
  • Prime Rate & Bank Prime

When ordering ARM indexes and stock reports, you may like to get them in easy to import format. Ask the financial publisher if they can supply data in your preferred file format, or use your own in-house templates. A reputable company would do that for a fee. Ftp, e-mail and web service delivery should also be available.

The Cost of Financial and ARM Index Rate Reports

The price you should be paying can't go over $30/month for an annual subscription. Also, a reputable ARM index rate provider could offer financial and ARM rate histories for free unless format customization is required - this is what you as a customer should be after.

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