What are the dangers of adjustable rate mortgages?


Well, it depends. It is easy to say that dangers of adjustable rate mortgages are so great one should never consider them. It is also true that a great percentage of home foreclosures falls on the ARMs. However, it is both lenders and borrowers fault that so many adjustable rate mortgages turn problematic and put borrowers' homes in danger.

Dangers of Adjustable Rate Mortgages

The greatest danger of getting an adjustable rate mortgage is the increase of the monthly payment after the initial low rate fixed period is over. Many borrowers approach the process of taking a mortgage loan without educating themselves first. The thing that they only notice about ARMs is that they usually have much lower rates and monthly payments compared to fixed rate mortgages.

While it is true that the flexibility in payments offered by adjustable rate mortgages is irresistible to experienced investors and homebuyers, many first-time homebuyers are terrified when they notice the increase in the principal and monthly payment when the fixed period of minimum payment option adjustable rate mortgage ended. Perhaps the lender explained what the risks were, but often either the lender did not inform the homebuying newbies, or they didn't listen fascinated by the great luxurious home they could buy with that great adjustable rate mortgage.

Another danger of the adjustable rate mortgages is that lenders would often slip in provisions for prepayment penalty period longer than the fixed rate period of the ARM. That is, if you are taking a 3/1 ARM, you shouldn't have prepayment penalty period longer than the three years the ARM rate will stay fixed. Borrowers often do not pay attention how costly it would be if they wanted to refinance within the prepayment penalty period; sometimes so costly that it's not worth it.

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