How does the 1 month ARM (adjustable rate mortgage) work?


The 1 month ARM (adjustable rate mortgage) is one of the popular ARM mortgages. The 1-month ARM rate will adjust every month - that is, the margin of your loan will be added to an ARM index (COFI, LIBOR, MTA, etc) to form your new rate. Pay attention, as the 1 month ARM may start with a teaser rate for a single month and then will begin to adjust - much sooner than other ARM products.

As all fancy ARM products, the 1 month adjustable rate mortgage sometimes is sold to borrowers who are not well informed about the features and risks of ARMs.

For example, with the 1-month ARM if you selected a minimum payment after the adjustment it may not cover the interest due on the loan, and negative amortization will occur. Once your ARM is recalculated in several years, you will have to make full principal and interest payments on a balance higher than what you started.

Watch Out With 1-Month ARMs

One month ARMs can be even more dangerous as their rate will reset every month. Read carefully what index you are tied to, the ARM caps that you have, what payment options are presented to you. Ask about negative amortization and prepayment penalties.

The 1 month ARM (adjustable rate mortgage) can be particularly detrimental to borrowers who are not at all educated about adjustable rate mortgage loans. While this type of a loan can be very convenient with commissioned business people who are aware of the volatile features of the loan, first-time homebuyers with low to average steady income are exposed to a great risk of default.

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